Meet Arinola Jamal

Arinola Jamal

Ameenah Arinola Jamal-Islam..Pretty Long Name right? Yes, so these days I go by Arinola Jamal (Aa-ree-or-la). Nineteen. Content Creator. Fashion Enthusiast. Nigerian. Yoruba. Muslim. Peace Enthusiast. Book Lover.

My greatest wish in life is to find Demure Serenity. I love to Create. Creating contents whether Photography or Videography makes me happy. It fuels Me… Does that even make sense? I love sleeping. I love Poetry. I love stylish People. I love good food. I love Ice cream,cookies and all form of Desserts. I love giving and receiving gifts. I wish to travel all over the World. I love Surprises. I love making beautiful memories. I think my spirit animal is the Pheonix, I just really relate with it a lot because this small girl has gone through lots of real life problems but I always always find a way to rise up again.

I’m an Introverted Extrovert (there’s a word for this but I can’t seem to remember it right now). I crave adventures but I can be a total recluse most of the time. I like to think I’m a cool kid (lol… I am actually a cool kid😎). I’m a good friend to my few friends.

I love the little things of life that makes me smile. Moments with friends, gifts, hugs, ice-cream,cake, cookies, laughter and sleep.

This is my little corner on the web where I hope to share love and light to everyone!!

This is way longer than I planned it to be.. if you’re still reading, Thank you.. I love you so much….Literally. Please come on in and I hope you stay!



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